D-Link-NPG-C61TRA501 D-Link Cat.6 RJ45 Connector 100pcs

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1. RJ45 modular plug supports 4 twisted pairs, meet wiring scheme
2. Housing: polycarbonate, 94V-2, transparent color
3. Contact terminal: phosphor bronze
4. Finished: 50 micro-inch gold plating, over 50 micro inch Nickel plated
on contact area
5. Operating temperature: -40˚C to 80˚C
6. Cable to plug tensile strength: 7.7 kgs
7. Terminates 24-26 AWG stranded wires, wiring scheme T568A/T568B

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3 reviews for D-Link-NPG-C61TRA501 D-Link Cat.6 RJ45 Connector 100pcs

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