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  • Extremely Easy to Use!- Simply baited,placed against the wall and turned on.The trap is equipped with advanced smart circuit technology that senses when a rodent enters the trap.
  • Humane Kill !- Once inside,the trap delivers 7000V electrical energy to ensure a complete, humane kill without blood and mess-free,no need to hear the squeal either!
  • Indicator Light- After the rat is dispatched,A green indicator light illuminates to indicate a kill.(If the trap has low batteries, the light will flash red.)
  • No-see,No-touch Experience!- To dispose of the rat, just dump the rodent into the trash without ever having to see or touch it. The trap can then be reset and reused, or discarded if you prefer. To reset, add more bait, then place and turn the trap on.
  • Why Choose Us?- (1) Passed CE, FCC and ROHS safety certifications-Guaranteed Safe and Reliable to Work!(2)Work on adapter or 4D batteries.(3)Doesn’t use poisons or chemicals.(4)A lifetime investment,the Electronic Rat Trap is easy to clean and can be reused indefinitely. (5)We are professional manufactor with over 10 years experience in the market of rodent control products,offer the strong support for quality,service,technology and price!

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